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Announcing the Recipients of the Advancing the Discipline and Dale Leathers Fund Grants

December 5, 2019

NCA is pleased to announce six Advancing the Discipline grants, which together will provide more than $25,000 in funds to the following members for projects to be completed in 2020:

  • Jennifer J. Bute, “Translating Communication Research into Practice: Providing Communication Skills Training for Parents of Food Allergic Children” 
  • Leslie Harris, Alyssa Samek, and Tiffany Lewis, “Citizenship at the Intersection: 100 Years Since the 19th Amendment”
  • Art Herbig, Debra Ford, and Sandra Pensoneau-Conway, “Inclusive Conference Spaces”
  • Robert Mejia, “Communication and Media Scholars for Change Conference”
  • Scott Myers and Alan K. Goodboy, “Examining the Communication Curricula of NCA Department Members”
  • Damion Waymer, “Exploring Ways to Increase the Number of African American Students Pursuing Graduate Degrees in Communication”

NCA also congratulates Rocío Galarza Molina, Postdoctoral Researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Monterrey México, who is the recipient of this year’s grant from the Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies. The award will fund travel to explore how media and social media impact democracy in Mexico. Molina will also analyze the underlying power structures that feed media and the resistance forces that attempt to disrupt them and gain insight into the use of social media for political purposes in Mexico.

Learn more about NCA’s grant opportunities here.