NCA's Doctoral Program Guide

Indiana University, The Media School

For students interested in academic research into subjects such as media processes and effects, media psychology, media and sexuality, communications and politics, communications law, journalism and topics involving communications.

Association of American Universities Member


Carnegie "Doctoral University: Very High Research Activity"


Communication doctorates conferred between 2010-19: 117


Areas of Study

  • Cinema and Media Studies
  • Communications Law and Policy 
  • Journalism
  • Media History & Technology
  • Media Production & Design
  • Media Psychology
  • Media Theory & Criticism
  • Strategic Communication


URAP University Rankings—Language, Communication & Culture 

         >  #13 of 300 World Universities

Admission Requirements

  • Master’s or comparable degree from a recognized institution 
  • Verbal and quantitative GRE scores above 152 and analytical score above 4.0 
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Three letters of recommendation 
  • Paper TOEFL score greater than 600, computer-based TOEFL score greater than 250, or Internet-based TOEFL score greater than 100 for international students 
  • A writing sample 
  • A curriculum vitae 

Graduate Faculty

  • Associate Professor Akinwumi Adesokan, Ph.D., Cornell University 
  • Assistant Professor Nicholas Browning, Ph.D., University of Georgia
  • Assistant Professor Cara Caddoo, Ph.D., CUNY 
  • Professor Edward Castronova, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 
  • Professor Barbara Cherry, Ph.D., Northwestern University 
  • Associate Professor Galen Clavio, Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Assistant Professor Suzannah Evans Comfort, Ph.D., University of North Carolina
  • Associate Professor Mike Conway, Ph.D., University of Texas 
  • Associate Professor Stephanie DeBoer, Ph.D., University of Southern California
  • Associate Professor Anthony Fargo, Ph.D., University of Florida 
  • Associate Professor Julia Fox, Ph.D., Cornell University 
  • Associate Professor Terri Francis, Ph.D., University of Chicago 
  • Professor Walter Gantz, Ph.D., Michigan State University 
  • Assistant Professor Nathaniel Geiger, Ph.D., Penn State University
  • Professor Betsi Grabe, Ph.D., Temple University 
  • Assistant Professor Mike Gruszczynski, Ph.D., University of Nebraska
  • Associate Professor Mary L. Gray, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego 
  • Professor Raiford Guins, Ph.D., University of Leeds
  • Associate Professor Joan Hawkins, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 
  • Assistant Professor Minjeong Kang, Ph.D., Syracuse University 
  • Associate Professor James Kelly, Ph.D., Indiana University 
  • Assistant Professor Danielle Kilgo, Ph.D., University of Texas
  • Professor Annie Lang, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 
  • Assistant Professor Gerry Lanosga, Ph.D., Indiana University 
  • Associate Professor Jae Kook Lee, Ph.D., University of Texas 
  • Assistant Professor Julien Mailland, Ph.D., University of Southern California 
  • Associate Professor Lesa Major, Ph.D., Louisiana State University 
  • Associate Professor Joshua Malitsky, Ph.D., Northwestern University 
  • Professor Michael Martin, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts 
  • Professor Shannon Martin, Ph.D., University of North Carolina 
  • Associate Professor Nicole Martins, Ph.D., University of Illinois 
  • Associate Professor Emily Metzgar, Ph.D., Louisiana State University 
  • Assistant Professor Jennifer Midberry, Ph.D., Temple University
  • Professor Radhika Parameswaran, Ph.D., University of Iowa 
  • Associate Professor Bryant Paul, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • Assistant Professor Jason T. Peifer, Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • Assistant Professor Rachel Plotnick, Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • Professor Rob Potter, Ph.D., Indiana University 
  • Assistant Professor Ryan Powell, Ph.D., King's College, UK 
  • Assistant Professor Melanie Sarge, Ph.D., Ohio State University 
  • Professor Harmett Sawhney, Ph.D., University of Texas 
  • Professor & Dean James Shanahan, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts 
  • Assistant Professor Lauren Smith, Ph.D., University of Alabama
  • Assistant Professor Esi Thompson, Ph.D., University of Oregon
  • Assistant Professor John Velez, Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • Professor Gregory Waller, Ph.D., SUNY-Stony Brook 
  • Associate Professor Andrew Weaver, Ph.D., University of Illinois 
  • Associate Professor Paul Wright, Ph.D., University of Arizona 
  • Associate Professor Sung Un Yang, Ph.D., University of Maryland 


Indiana University also offers a Ph.D. in English with a focus on Rhetorical Studies.