2020 NCA Graduate School Open House: Guidelines for Creating a Video

2020 Convention

The 2020 NCA Graduate School Open House will be held virtually. We know potential students are seeking information on graduate programs and we are confident they will benefit from this reimagined Graduate School Open House.

Programs wishing to participate in the 2020 Graduate School Open House will do so via video. Each participating institution will create a video that provides insight into what makes their department one students should consider for graduate school. 

Videos should be no longer than 15 minutes and should include three essential elements:

  1. Identifier. Include the institution name, the department name, and information on the degrees available. 
  2. Highlights. You may highlight faculty, current students, current research projects, teaching opportunities, or the surrounding city or town.
  3. Contact Information. Include contact information for the department’s graduate coordinator (or the individual who oversees the department’s graduate programs). 

Tips for creating effective videos: 

  1. Include a vision statement/tagline to underscore community, school spirit, and pride. 
  2. Create short, brief sections that will capture and maintain students’ attention. 
  3. If using a voice-over, ensure inclusive language is used throughout. 
  4. Realize that not everyone may be able to listen to a voice-over; thus, the message should be clear from the video/text alone. 
  5. Look for ways to improve accessibility.
  6. Include student testimonials. 
  7. Highlight faculty research and passion for that research. 

Participating departments will be provided with a Dropbox link to upload their videos in October. NCA will also add these videos to each department’s page in the NCA Doctoral Program Guide. If your department does not want NCA to include your video in the Guide, please let us know by sending an email to weichhorn@natcom.org

The following videos may be helpful as you begin to craft your department’s video.