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October 1, 2008
Political Communication

NCA has archived a series of webinars on the presidential election. The webinars use Elluminate, a cross-platform, Java, web-based environment. When you click on a webinar link, Elluminate will download to your computer allowing you view the webinar. Once the components have downloaded (which takes only a minute or two), you will be taken directly to the webinar. The downloaded components are only temporary, which means that no permanent changes are made to your computer. These components will reload every time you visit a webinar. The webinar series include:


For the first webinar, viewers can use the slider at the bottom of the webinar window and move it to the 20-minute mark; the webinar gets underway at almost exactly 20 minutes into the recording. Is the Art of Oratory Dead or alive in the Presidential Campaign of 2008?