Training and Development Division

Interest Group Award

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Rising Star Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Craig Engstrom
2016 Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly 
2015 Stephanie Dailey
2014 Seth Frei

Professional Achievement Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Keri K. Stephens
2015 Greg Patton

Outstanding Service Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Peter F. Jorgensen
2016 Michael Fahs 
2015 Ross Brinkert
2014 Dennis Becker

Lifetime Achievement Award

Year Award Winner
2016 Steven Beebe
2014 J.D. Wallace

Top Reviewer Award (Tie)

Year Award Winner
2017 Cody M. Clemens
2017 J.D. Wallace
2014 Peter Jorgensen
2014 J.D. Wallace

1st Place Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Elissa Arterburn Adame and Ryan S. Bisel, "Training Trainers to Frame Feedback: An Experimental Investigation of a Training Intervention"
2014 Seth S. Frei, Eric DeMar Waters, Bahaa G. Ghobrial, “The Influence of Communication Technologies on Motivation for Training”

2nd Place Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Craig L Engstrom, Michael Forst, and Lacey Brown, "In Search of Civil Service: An A La Carte Approach to Training University Dining Staff in Conflict Reduction Tactics"
2014 Stephanie L. Dailey, “I’m New… Again: Re-Examining the Socialization Process through Rotational Training Programs”

3rd Place Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Aurora Occa, Susan E. Morgan, Soroya Julian McFarlane, Wei Peng, and JoNell Potter, "A pilot training to improve medical professionals' verbal and nonverbal communication about clinical trials and research studies"
2014 Piyawan Charoensap, Lauren Broussard, Megan Caldwell, Mallory Lindsly, “Evaluation of a Soft Skills Training Program”

Top Paper Honorable Mention Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Kelli J. Chromey, "The Impostor Phenomenon: A Roadblock to Success"
2014 Margaret Moore, J.D. Wallace, Carley H. Dodd, “Training for Educational Sojourners: Faith, Effectiveness, and Culture”

Top Paper Panel Award

Year Award Winner
2016 Nicholas Tatum and Seth Frei, "Extending the Instructional Beliefs Model: Implications for Training and Development"
2015 Melinda Leonardo and Jessica Katz Jameson,”Using Participant Narratives to Explore Training Transfer Experiences”
2015 Ralph Gigliotti, “A Communicative Exploration of Academic Leadership Development Initiatives within the Association of American Universities”
2015 Jerie Shaw, Jenepher Lennox-Terrion, and Catherine Mavriplis, “The Effectiveness of Negotiation Skills Trainning in Advancing the Status of Women in Science and Engineering: An Evaluation of CWSE-ON’s Negotiation Skills Training Workshop”
2015 Andrew Taylor and Jeremy Fyke, “Connecting the Dots: Identity and Training and Development”

Top Panel Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Ross Brinkery, John E. Burk, DeAnne Priddis, DeeDee Smartt Lynch, Lisa A. Waite, and Gregory H. Patton, "Advancing Workplace Engagement with Gratitude of Appreciative Communication: The Quest for More of What Works"
2016 Susan M. Wieczorek, Joni Aldrich, Donald J. Cegala, Christopher S. Jerry, Janet Panoch, Betty Tonsing, Michael Warner, and Patty Wharton-Michael, "Turning the Tables on Patient Advocacy: Responsible Patients Informing Responsive Providers" 
2015 Sonia Zamanou-Erickson, John Burk, Rozell Duncan, Lian M. Gray-Starner, Margaret Sargent, and Lisa Waite “Embracing Opportunities for Enhancing the Training and Development Course: Various Approaches to Combining Theory and Practice”
2014 Chair: Gregory H. Patton; Presenters: Dennis Becker, John E. Burk, Lori J.N. Charron, Scott Dickmeyer, Michael Fahs, Liane M. Gray-Starner, Peter Jorgensen, Robin Maxfield, Keri K. Stephens, and J.D. Wallace, “Past, Present, and Future of Training and Development: An Assessment of Five Years Out, Five Years Later”

Top Presentation Award

Year Award Winner
2017 Kelli J. Chromey