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Interest Group Award

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Alvin Zhou
2018 Sifan Xu
2018 Ying Xiong
2018 FeiFei Chen
2015 Young Kim, “Building an Effective Government-Public Relationship: Understanding Integrity, Dependability, and Competence for Public Trust in Government”
2015 Amanda Kennedy, “Boundary Work: Mapping the “Critical” in the Public Relations Theory”
2015 Angela Murphy, “A Tale of Two Universities: Organizational Responses to Serious Misconduct to Stakeholders”
2015 Sifan Xu, “Empowering Them is Empowering Us: Activist Public Relations From a Non-System Perspective”
2014 Nicholas Browning, “Ethics, Reputation, and the Profession: The Crystallization of Public Relations from Incorporation to Accreditation”
2014 Julia Fraustino, “Replacing Codes with Guidelines’: Exploring the Role of Ethics in Crisis Management at a Major Public Relations Agency”
2014 Timothy Penn, “Do Feds and States Evaluate” Examining Evaluation of Risk and Crisis Communication in the Government and Military Sectors”
2014 Adam Saffer, “Applying a Social Network Perspective to Public Relations Pedagogy: Examining the Relationships That Will Build the Profession”
2013 Michael Paquette and Shuying Shi, “We Are All Sikhs: A Case Study of Community Response and Renewal”
2013 Amanda Kennedy, “A Postmodern Feminist Model of Public Relations”
2013 Adam Saffer, “Evolving Relationships in an Online Advocacy Coalition: A Public Goods Theory Perspective”
2013 Steven D. Cohen, “Connecting the Theory and Practice of Public Relations Leadership: A Case Study on the Center for Teaching Excellence”
2012 Kristin Pace, “The Impact of Crisis Response History on Organizational Outcomes”
2012 Josh Bentley, “When Apologies Make Things Worse: An Analysis of Netflix’s Image Restoration Strategy”
2012 Stephanie Madden, “Utilizing Narrative to Understand Activism: A Case Study of Invisible Children”
2012 Phillip Kostka, “Keeping the Faith: The Roman Catholic Church’s Response to the Clergy Sex Scandal in Ireland”

Top Faculty Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Derek Moscato
2018 Young Kim
2018 Laura Lemon
2015 Adam Saffer, “Zones of Meaning in Networks: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Studying Social Capital”
2015 Nur Uysal, Aimei Yang, and Maureen Taylor, “How stakeholder salience affects shareholder activism outcomes: An empirical study”
2015 Shari R. Veil and Kathryn E. Anthony, “The Pariah Effect of Toxic Trailers: FEMA’s Legitimacy Challenges in the Post-Katrina Formaldehyde Crisis”
2015 Zongchao Cathy Li and Don W. Stacks, “Does Power Make Us Mean? An Investigation of Empowerment and Revenge Behaviors in the Cyberspace”
2014 Anna Klyueva, “The Presence of the Past in Public Diplomacy: Problematizing the Use of Soft Power in Public Diplomacy Conceptualizations”
2014 Melissa Graham, Elizabeth Avery, and Sejin Park, “The role of social media in local government crisis communications”
2014 Rhonda Zaharna and Nur Uysal, “Going for the Jugular: The Challenge from the 4th Quadrant of a Relational Public Diplomacy Model”
2014 Joshua Bentley, “Talk is Cheap: Organizational Apologies from the Stakeholder’s Perspective”

Article of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Petra Theunissen and Larissa Ott
2014 Erich Sommerfeldt, “The Civility of Social Capital: Public Relations in the Public Sphere, Civil Society, and Democracy,” Public Relations Review 39 (2013): 280-289
2012 Shiv Ganesh and Heather Zoller, “Dialogue, activism, and democratic social change,” Communication Theory 22 (2012): 66-91

Book of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Donnalyn Pompper, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Public Relations: Negotiating Multiple Complex Challenges (Routledge 2010)
2014 Kristin Demetrious, Public Relations, Activism, and Social Change: Speaking Up (Routledge, 2013)
2012 Derina Holtzhausen, Public relations as activism: Postmodern approaches to theory & practice (New York: Routledge, 2012)

Textbook of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Peter Smudde

Outstanding Contribution to Public Relations Education

Year Award Winner
2014 Don Stacks
2012 2011 Special Issue on Pedagogy in the Public Relations Review 

Top Research Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2014 Soo Hyun Park
2013 Patric Spence, Kenneth A. Lachlan, Xialing Lin, and Maria Del Greco, “Differences in Twitter content in the early stages of a natural disaster: Implications for crisis communication”
2013 Yue Hu, “Connecting Discourse of Renewal to Community Recovery: A Study on Governmental Discourse In Rebuilding Wenchuan Earthquake-Damaged Communities”
2013 Robert S. Littlefield, Derek Ray Lane, Kimberly Beauchamp, Deanna Sellnow, Timothy L. Sellnow, Bethney Wilson, Steven J. Venette, “Instructional Crisis Communication: Connecting Ethnicity and Gender in the Assessment of Receiver-Oriented Message Effectiveness”
2012 Gregory Saxton and Chao Gu, “Online Stakeholder Targeting and the Acquisition of Social Media Capital”
2012 Jennifer L. Reierson and Robert S. Littlefield, “Reconceptualizing Crisis Renewal Theory: Developing a Community-based Model”
2012 Marya L. Deorfel and Muge Haseki, “Building Interorganizational COMMunity during Disaster: Social Media Use, Social Networks, and Public Relations Management
2012 Aimei Yang and Maureen Taylor

PRIDE PR Education Lifetime Achievement Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Elizabeth Toth