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Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Nonverbal Pedagogy Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Yiyi (Cici) Yang, "Are you Emoji Savvy? Teaching Nonverbal Communication through Emojis"
2022 Danielle Deavours

Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Ryan J. Allred, Ashley Plageman, Natalie Reinholtz, "Masking Student-teacher Interactions: Exploring the Connection between Masks, Nonverbal Immediacy, and Relational Dialectics in College Classrooms"
2022 Danielle Deavours (Samford University), "Proximity’s Effect on Broadcasters’ Nonverbal Neutrality in Crisis Coverage."
2021 Samantha J. Shebib (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Amanda Allard (Michigan State University), Josephine K. Boumis (University of South Florida), Amanda J. Holmstrom (Michigan State University), Adam J. Mason (Michigan State University), and Jong In Lim (Michigan State University), "Relational Outcomes of Esteem Support Conversations: An Experiment of the Effects of Esteem Support Messages and Tactile Communication"
2020 Zachary Glowacki, Mark G. Frank, Wenyao Xu, and Srirangaraj Setlur, "Facial Expressions in Social Interactions: Implications to Deception, Emotion, and Trait Characteristics"
2019 Young Ji Kim, Maria Tomprou, Prerna Chikersal, Anita Woolley, and Laura Dabbish, "Visual Cues Disrupt Prosodic Synchrony and Collective Intelligence in Distributed Collaboration"
  Dron M. Mandhana and Dawna Ballard, "Exploring the Recursive Relationship Between Unplanned Conversations and Spatiotemporal Organizational Structures"
2018 Fernanda Herrera Soo Youn Oh, and Jeremy Bailenson, "Social VR: Effect of Behavioral Realism on Networked Virtual Interactions"
  Brianne Basher and Leah LeFebvre, "Emojis are Worth a Thousand Words: An Analysis of Mobile-Mediated Emoji Use Across Emerging Adult Communication"
2016 Adam Richards
2015 Susan E. Morgan, Ashton Mouton, Aurora Occa, Megan Peter, and Joy Kathleen Leopold, “’Like a chameleon’: Clinical trial and research study recruiters’ verbal and nonverbal communication strategies”
  Johny Garner and Debra L. Iba, “I Don’t Like What You’re Saying: Gaze Duration as a Response to Group Dissent”
2014 Amy S. Ebesu Hubbard, Elizabeth M. Bendix Harper, Keri Bennett, Jessica Kaneshiro, Jay Stout, Jaymian Urashima, Mark S. Warner, and James Kim, “Distraction in Brief Encounters with Pedestrians using Mobile Phones: A Test of Interaction Adaption Theory”
2013 Norah Dunbar, Matthew L. Jensen, Debra Conly Tower, and Judee K. Burgoon, “Synchronization of nonverbal behaviors in detecting mediated and non-mediated deception”
2012 Judee K. Burgoon, Ryan Schuetzler, and David Wilson, “Uncovering Hidden Patterning in Interpersonal Communication: Illustration with Deceptive and Truthful Interactions”
2011 Sean Horan and Melanie Booth-Butterfield, "Understanding the Routine Expression of Deceptive Affection in Romantic Relationships”
2010 Monica Gracylalny and Paul Mongeau, “Verbal and Nonverbal Components of Remorse Expression in Close Relationships”
2009 Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, Jeremy Bailenson, Jesse Fox, and Maria Jabon, “Using automated facial expression analysis for emotion and behavior prediction”
2008 Jennifer Samp and Jennifer Monahan, “Alcohol-influenced nonverbal behaviors during discussions about relationship problems”
  Andrew Rancer, Yang Lin, James Durbin, and Emily Faulkner, “Nonverbal ‘verbal’ aggression: Its forms and its relation to trait verbal aggressiveness”
2007 Stacie Renfro Powers “An fMRI Study of Neural Responses to Spontaneous Emotional Expressions: Evidence for a Communicative Theory of Empathy”
2006 Norah Dunbar, Amy Bippus, Stacy Young, Robert Mejia, Justin Boren, Paula Castro, Vanessa Harikul, Brooke Illes, Usama Kahf, Katie Mylott, and Raven Pfister, “Synchrony and reciprocity of nonverbal behaviors between romantic partners during conflicts”
  Ashley Duggan, Beth Le Poire, and Jennifer Gaze, “Nonverbal and verbal communication in substance-abusive relationships”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Ellen Alley, "'I Understand How You Feel': Integrating Empathic Accuracy and Emotional Intelligence"
2022 Kiara Nagatsuka, "Nonverbal Decoding Accuracy and Bullying Victimization."
2021 Zachary Glowacki, "Do we Like Honest Signal Givers? An Evolutionary Lens Comparing Different Facial Displays of Disgust on Various Traits"
2020 Jack Lassiter, "Presidential Handshakes: Epiphora and the Rhetoric of President Trump’s Diplomatic Gestures"
2019 Eric Novotny, "A Comparison of Verbal and Nonverbal Rapport-building Techniques in Interviews"
2018 Trevor Kauer, "First Responder's Intimate Partner Communication Perceptions of Job-Related Stress, Relational Support, and Appraisals of Stress"
2016 Zachary Carr
2015 Ashley Trudeau, Joshua Brandon, Lola Obamehinti, and Amrita Pal, “The Naked Truth: A Study of the Effect of Skin Exposure in Online Dating Photos on Potential Partners’ Perception”
2014 Webbo Chen, Jessica Lee, Linda Lumintaintang, and James Shim, “Gendered Communication Differences in Emoticon Use”
2013 Reed Reynolds, “The Effect of Emotion on (Non-verbal) Acoustic Parameters of Speech in a Political Context”

Emerging Scholar Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Samantha J. Shebib
2022 Danielle Deavours
2021 Steven Pentland
2020 Benjamin L. Compton 
2018 Ryan Allred
2016 Vincent Denault

Other Awards

Year Award Winner
2011 Outstanding Service to the Division awarded to Judee Burgoon