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Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Nimrod Shavit,"Economic Rationality as a Determinant of Formality in Communication Situations"
2020 Jessica Robles and Bingjuan Xiong, "How Quotation Marks do Mockery in Politicized Discourse Online"
2019 Darcey K. (Searles) deSouza, "Object identification in family interactions: An orientation to selecting the most precise term"
2018 Joshua Raclaw and Innhwa Park, "'Wait What?': Wait-Prefacing in Delayed Repaired Initiations"
2017 Edward Reynolds and Marki Kidwell
2016 Chase Wesley Raymond, "The 'Do'-constuction in English Conversation"
2015 Karen Tracy, “Storytelling and Social Change”
2014 Danielle Pillet-Shore, “How teachers evaluate students during parent-teacher conferences”
2013 Danielle Pillet-Shore, “Doing ‘how I’m coming here’: Displaying a state of being when opening face-to-face interaction”
2013 Lydia Reinig, “‘Can I ask you a question?’: Confronting ethnographer identity in ‘interview flipping’”
2012 Danielle Kvam, “'Conservation without money is just conversation’: Metaphors of environmental conservation in rural Ecuador”
2011 Hye Ri Stephanie Kim, “Turn design and action projection in comparative perspective”
2010 Hee Lee, “Responding at a Higher Level”
2009 Danielle Pillet-Shore, “Coming Together: Creating and Maintaining Social Relationships through the Openings of Face-to-Face Interactions”
2008 Danielle Pillet-Shore, "Making way and making sense for arrivers: Pre-present parties' previous activity formulations"
2007 Emma Beitz, "Syntactic Resources for Managing Speakership and Recipiency in Everyday Interaction: Pivots in German Conversation"

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Nora Suren,"This isn't a MAGA rally. It's the Emmys.': Recreating the White Masculine Elite Public Sphere at the Opening Monologues of Entertainment Award Ceremonies"
2020 Menno Reijven and Alkim Yalin, "Categorizing Youtube Comments as Act Sequences"
2019 Jeanette German, “Health and Safety First”: Constructing a Collective Identity Through Talk at Local Political Meetings"
2018 Sarah Seewoester Cain, "Individual Audience Member Clapping During Open-Mic Comedy Performances"
2017 Carol Hoi Yee Lo
2016 Amelia Hill, "'Suspect' Identity: The Use of Race in Requests for Police Intervention"
2015 JhuCin Jhang, “Neither Good nor Bad, Neither New nor Old – Coming Out News Delivery Sequences”
2014 Chase Raymond, “Code-switched Responses to Inquiry”
2011 Laila Hualpa, “ President Obama’s embodied stance displays while monitoring questions in presidential news conferences”

Dissertation of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2022 Dr. Menno Reijven, “‘I want you to defend that!’ The Argumentative Structure of U.S.A. Presidential Debates," published in Doctoral Dissertations in 2022.
2021 Grace Peters,"Communication Skills in Medical Education: A Discourse Analysis of Standardized Patient Practices" (University of South Florida, May 2020) 
2020 Lydia Reinig, "Participating in Boulder's Energy Future: Discursive Configurations of Public Participation for Energy System Transformation"
2019 Adrian Kerrison, "We’re All Behind You: The Co-Construction of Turns and Sequences-at-Cheering"
2017 Emily Hofstetter
2016 Nadezhda Sotirova, "'Of All, I Most Hate Bulgarians': Situating Oplakvane in Bulgarian Discourse as a Cultural Term for Communicative Practice"
2015 Ingrid Li Sato (Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara), “Social Relations and Institutional Structures and in Modern American Political Campaigns”
2014 Joshua Raclaw, (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Indexing inferables and organizational shifts: ‘No’-prefaces in English conversation”
2013 Hsin-I Yueh, (Ph.D., University of Iowa), “The tactic of the weak: A critical analysis of feminine persuasion in Taiwan”
2012 Stephanie Hye Ri Kim (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles), “Beginning an action in English and Korean: Turn design and action projection”
2011 Satomi Kuroshima (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles), “Ordering sushi: The intersection of linguistic form, culture and social setting in the United Sates and Japan.”
2010 Leah Sprain (Ph.D., University of Washington), “Cultivating Cooperativism: An Ethnography of Communication in Nicaraguan Fair Trade Cooperative Meetings”
2009 Danielle Pillet-Shore (PhD, UCLA), “Coming Together: Creating and Maintaining Social Relationships through the Openings of Face-to-Face Interactions”
2008 Estafania Guimares (PhD, University of York, UK), "Talking about violence: Women reporting abuse in Brazil"
2006 Galina Bolden (PhD, UCLA), “Delayed and incipient actions: The discourse markers “-to” and “so” in Russian and English conversation”
2005 Mariaelena Bartesaghi (PhD, University of Pennsylvania), “Explanatory paths, therapeutic directions, conversational destinations: Accountability and authority in therapeutic interaction”
2004 Mardi Kidwell (PhD, UCSB), “Looking to see someone is looking at you: Gaze and the organization of observability in very young children’s harassing acts toward a peer”

Outstanding Scholarly Publication Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Tamar Katriel & Gerry Philipsen ,"What we Need is 'Communication': 'Communication' as a Cultural Category in Some American Speech,"published in Communication Monographs in 1981.
2020 Michelle Scollo and Trudy Milburn, "Engaging and transforming global communication through cultural discourse analysis: A tribute to Donal Carbaugh"
2016 Jeffrey Robinson
2015 Donal Carbaugh (2005), “Cultures in Conversation,” New York: Routledge
2014 Gene Lerner (2013), “On the place of hesitating in delicate formulations: A turn-constructional infrastructure for collaborative indiscretion.” In J. Sidnell, M. Hayashi & G. Raymond (Eds.), Conversational Repair and Human Understanding, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
2013 Robert T. Craig and Karen Tracy (1995), “Grounded practical theory: The case of intellectual discussion.” Communication Theory, 5(3), 248-272
2012 Michelle Scollo (2011), “Cultural approaches to discourse analysis: A theoretical and methodological conversation with special focus on Donal Carbaugh's Cultural Discourse Theory,” Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 6, 1-32
2011 Emmanuel A. Schegloff (1974), “A simplest systematics for the organization of turn-taking for conversation,” by H. Sacks, E.A. Schegloff, and G. Jefferson, Language, 50, pp. 696-735
2010 Wayne A. Beach (2009), ”A natural history of family cancer: Interactional resolutions to medical problems,” Hampton Press
2009 Barnett Pearce & Vernon Cronen, (1980), "Communication, action, and meaning: The creation of social realities," Praeger Publishers
2008 Kristine Fitch (2006), "Cultural Persuadables," Communication Theory 13(1), 100-123
2007 Richard Buttny (1993), "Social Accountability," Sage
2006 Phillip Glenn (2003), “Laughter in Interaction,” Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
2005 Scott Jacobs & Sally Jackson (1980), “Structure of conversational argument: Pragmatic bases for the enthymeme,” Quarterly Journal of Speech, 66, 251-265
2004 Steve Clayman & John Heritage (2002), “Questioning Presidents: Journalistic deference and adversarialness in the press conferences of U.S. presidents Eisenhower and Reagan,” Journal of Communication, 52(4), 749-775
2003 Lawrence Wieder (1974), “Language and social reality: The case of telling the convict code,” Netherlands: The Hague
2002 Robert Hopper & Curtis LeBaron (1998), “How Gender Creeps into Talk,” Research on Language and Social Interaction, 31(1), 59-74
2000 Anita Pomerantz (1978), “Compliment Responses: Notes on the Co-operation of Multiple Constraints.” In J. N. Schenkein (Ed.), Studies in the organization of conversational interaction (pp. 79-112). New York: Academic
1999 Karen Tracy (1997), “Colloquium Dilemmas of Academic Discourse,” Norwood, NJ: Ablex
1998 Gerry Philipsen (1977), “Speaking ‘Like a Man’ in Teamsterville: Culture Patterns of Role Enactment in an Urban Neighborhood,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 61, 13-22
1996 Robert Hopper (1981), “The taken-for-granted.” Human Communication Research, 7(3), 195-211

Outstanding Recent Scholarship Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Dr. Galina B. Bolden, "Negotiating understanding in "intercultural moments" in immigrant family interactions"