Disability Issues Caucus

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Martin Law, "Leroy Moore’s Krip Hop Delivery as a Rhetorical Theory of Ineloquence"
2022 Jacqueline Gunning, Valerie Rubinsky, Ashley N. Aragon, Monica Lynn Roldán, Taylor McMahon, & Angela Cooke-Jackson, "Creating a Safe PLACE for Intimacy: A Preliminary Investigation into Intersections of Sexual Communication in BDSM and Disability"
  Siddharth Karnala & Marie C. Haverfield, "Inclusion in the Paralympics: Incorporation of Power Soccer for Redefining Disability Rhetoric in Society"
2021 Jacqueline Gunning, "Memorable Messages in Emerging Adulthood Autoimmune Disease"
  A. Adams, "No Future for Academic Crips: An Autoethnographic Account for Neuroqueer Futurity"
2020 Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, "An Autoethnography of Disabled Athletic Identity: Communicating Inescapable Vulnerability and Contextuality Through our Mortal Bodies"
2019 Claudia Garcia Mendoza & Thomas J. Socha, "Romantic Relationships of Characters with Disabilities in Film: A Content Analysis"
2018 Adam Davidson, "Stasis-Maintenance- (Un)productive-Presence: Parenting a Disabled Child as Crip Time
2017 Julie-Ann Scott, "There's No Center without the Margins: My Disabled Bodies' Journey to HyperEmbodiment
2016 Sarah Parsloe and Avery Holton, "#Boycottautismspeaks: Communicating a Counternarrative through Cyberactivism" 
2015 Erin McAloon, “Privacy Boundaries and Visible Disabilites”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Isabelle Stahrfisher, "Surviving Pandemic Pedagogy: An Autoethnography of a Graduate Instructor with a Disability"
2020 Benjamin W. Mann, "Theorizing Intersectional Stigma Management Communication at the Crossroads: LGBTQIA+ and Autistic Subjectivities"
2019 Brooks Oglesby, "The Veiled Productions of Debility in Professional Wrestling"
2018 Jessica Rauchberg, "'I Promise I'm Not Stupid': An Autoethnographic Interrogation of Learning Disabilities and the Social Construction of Academic Identity"
2017 Hillary Ash, "Bound by Heredity: Disability and Reproductive Justice in "Buck v. Bell"
2016 Brandon Fletcher, "Parrhesia's Parrhesia: Tropological Labor of the Dys-/Disarticulate" 
2015 Isaac Remier and Patrick Seick, “The Intersection of Disability: A Co-constructed Autoethnography of Friendship”

Jim Ferris Award for Outstanding Achievement in Disability and Communication

The Jim Ferris Award recognizes an individual whose career as a whole has had an enduring and significant impact in/on the field of disability and communication. Preference will be given to nominees who demonstrate excellence in research-based and/or creative scholarship, teaching, mentorship, and/or service in/to the discipline, but the award may be given to an individual not directly associated with the field whose work has had an exceptional influence on its growth and development.

Year Award Winner
2022 Laura L. Ellingson
  Terry Galloway
2021 jw Smith
2020 Beth Haller
2019 James L. Cherney
2018 No Nominations
2017 Kurt Lindemann
2016 Simi Linton
2015 Dawn Braithwaite and Theresa Thompson