2002 NCA Award Winners

NCA Award Winners by Year

Teaching Awards

Donald H. Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education

  • John A. Daly, University of Texas

Marcella E. Oberle Award for Outstanding Teaching in Grades K-12

  • Ruth E. Kay

Michael and Suzanne Osborn Community College Outstanding Educator Award

  • Ronald Biddle, Clovis Community College

Wallace A. Bacon Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award

  • Kristin Valentine


Scholarship Awards

Bernard J. Brommel Award for Outstanding Scholarship or Distinguished Service in Family Communication

  • Sandra Petronio, Arizona State University

Charles H. Woolbert Research Award

  • Joseph B. Walther, “Interpersonal Effects in Computer-Mediated Interaction: A Relational Perspective.” Communication Research 19 (1992): 52-90.

Diamond Anniversary Book Award

  • James Aune, Selling the Free Market. (Guilford Press, 2002).

Douglas W. Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award

  • Molefi Kete Asante

Franklyn S. Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression

  • Louise Benjamin, Freedom of the Air and the Public Interest: First Amendment Rights in Broadcasting to 1935 (Southern Illinois University Press, 2001).

Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship

  • Eileen Berlin Ray

Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Angela G. Ray, University of Minnesota. “Pupils, Spectators, Citizens: Representations of U.S. Public Culture in the Nineteenth-Century Lyceum,” (Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, advisor).
  • Michael William Pfau, Northwestern University, “The Place of Conspiracy: The ‘Slave Power’ in Chase, Sumner and Lincoln,” (David Zarefsky, advisor).
  • Toby Arquette, Northwestern University. “Social Discourse, Scientific Method, and the Digital Divide: Using the Information Intelligence Quotient (IIQ) to Generate a Multi-Layered Empirical Analysis of Digital Division,” (James Schwoch, advisor).

James A. Winans-Herbert A. Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address

  • Stephen Hartnett, Democratic Dissent and the Cultural Fictions of Antebellum America (University of Illinois Press, 2002).

James L. Golden Outstanding Student Essay in Rhetoric Award

  • Joel McKim, Concordia University

Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

  • Kirt H. Wilson

Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance

  • Joni Lee Jones
  • Patricia S. Pace

Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies

  • Lisa Merrill


Service Awards

Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award

  • Kathleen Galvin

Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

  • Michael M. Osborn