2001 NCA Award Winners

NCA Award Winners by Year

Teaching Awards

Donald H. Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education

  • Stephen E. Lucas, University of Wisconsin

Marcella E. Oberle Award for Outstanding Teaching in Grades K-12

  • Diane Ritzdorf

Michael and Suzanne Osborn Community College Outstanding Educator Award

  • Lori E. Zakel, Sinclair Community College

Wallace A. Bacon Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award

  • Shirley A. Van Hoeven


Scholarship Awards

Bernard J. Brommel Award for Outstanding Scholarship or Distinguished Service in Family Communication

  • Brant Burleson, Purdue University

Charles H. Woolbert Research Award

  • Raymie E. McKerrow, “Critical Rhetoric: Theory and Praxis.” Communication Monographs 56 (1989): 91-111.

Diamond Anniversary Book Award

  • Michael Hyde, The Call of Conscience: Heidegger and Levinas, Rhetoric and the Euthanasia Debate. (University of South Carolina Press, 2001).

Douglas W. Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award

  • Barry Brummett

Franklyn S. Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression

  • Ronald L. Jackson II, “So Real Illusions of Black Intellectualism:  Exploring Race, Roles, and Gender in the Academy,” Communication Theory 10 (2000): 48-63.

Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship

  • Michael L. Hecht

Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Bernard J. Armada, The Pennsylvania State University. “‘The Fierce Urgency of Now’: Public Memory and Civic Transformation at the National Civil Rights Museum,” (Stephen H. Browne, advisor).
  • Claude H. Miller, University of Arizona, “Indignation, Defensive Attribution, and Implicit Theories of Moral Character,” (Michael Burgoon, advisor).
  • Sarah J. Tracy, University of Colorado. “Emotion Labor and Correctional Officers: A Study of Emotion Norms, Performances and Unintended Consequences in a Total Institution,” (Stanley A. Deetz, advisor).

James A. Winans-Herbert A. Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address

  • Gordon Mitchell, Strategic Deception Rhetoric, Science, and Politics in Missile Defense Advocacy (Michigan State University Press, 2000).

Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

  • Susan Zaeske
  • Charles E. Morris III

Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance

  • Terry Galloway
  • Donna Marie Nudd

Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies

  • Paul Edwards


Service Awards

Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award

  • James Chesebro

Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

  • David Zarefsky