1976 NCA Award Winners

NCA Award Winners by Year

Scholarship Awards

Franklyn S. Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression

  • William A. Linsley, “The Supreme Court and the First Amendment, 1975-1976,” Free Speech Yearbook 15 (1976): 17-30. 

Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Donald G. Ellis, University of Utah. “An Analysis of Relational Communication in Ongoing Group Systems,” (B. Aubrey Fisher, advisor).
  • Steven C. Rhodes, The Pennsylvania State University. “An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships between Information Processing and Feedback Utilization in Dyadic Communicative Systems,” (Kenneth D. Frandsen, advisor).
  • David R. Seibold, Michigan State University. “A Complex Model of Multidimensional Attitude and Overt Behavior Relationships: The Mediating Effects of Certainty and Locus-of-Control,” (Donald P. Cushman, advisor).

Golden Anniversary Book Award

  • Wilbur S. Howell, Poetics, Rhetoric and Logic (Cornell University Press, 1975).

James A. Winans-Herbert A. Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address

  • Michael C. McGee, “In Search of ‘The People’: a Rhetorical Alternative,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 61 (1975): 235-249.

Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

  • Richard Leo Enos


Service Awards

Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

  • Marie Hochmuth Nichols