NCA 99th Annual Convention

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Connections:  A Final Reflection 

My feet ache, the stacks on my desk topple over, my inbox overfloweth, but my spirit soars:  what a great convention! I’m so grateful to the 5,000+ of you who made Connections in Washington, DC.  

Our opening session started with a bang:  a side-splitting performance by the Capitol Steps after which four of the performers were interviewed by Olga Davis, Arizona State University and Mary Stuckey, Georgia State University.  (Tell the truth:  how many of you tried to create your own version of “Lirty Dies”?) Two panels the next morning provided provocative readings of the performance, especially concerning the nature of political satire:  Did the Capitol Steps ask enough of us as an audience?

In his Arnold lecture, Professor Eric King Watts, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, offered a rich analysis of the zombie trope, concluding with a powerful assessment of our “zombified” contemporary political culture.  Posing as our own Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, NCA President Steve Beebe’s address drew from It’s a Wonderful Life to consider what the world would be like if there were no NCA.

A special thank you to 20 graduate programs and great volunteers who supported NCA’s first scavenger hunt which rewarded tweeters with a wide array of goodies throughout the convention, from backpacks and books to tote bags and visors. Equally wonderful was the wealth of panels, programs, workshops, short courses, preconferences, seminars, and meetings that enriched all of us. Add to that making and renewing personal and professional friendships, sharing and generating new ideas, and seeing connections to DC, to the community, and within communication.

Start making plans now to celebrate NCA’s centennial at our 100th Annual Convention, to be held in Chicago, November 20-23, 2014.  We’ll explore The Presence of Our Past(s): NCA at 100.  You won’t want to miss it!

Kathleen J. Turner(1)Kathleen J. Turner
NCA First Vice President
Davidson College