Lambda Pi Eta Membership Policies and Procedures

What is Lambda Pi Eta? 

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the honor society of the National Communication Association for four-year institutions of higher education. Lambda Pi Eta represents the first letters of what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as the three modes of persuasion:  Logos, Pathos and Ethos.  The official colors of Lambda Pi Eta are crimson to represent the communication discipline and silver in recognition of speech and oratory skills. The purpose of the honor society is to promote outstanding academic achievement in the communication discipline.

Chapter Membership 

How to start and maintain a chapter 

Chapters may be established at colleges and universities that have the following characteristics:

  • grants baccalaureates or higher degrees
  • accredited by the appropriate regional association
  • has an academic school, division, or department in the field of communication studies
  • offers a minimum of thirty academic hours in communication and communication-related courses

Applications for new chapters can be submitted online. A new chapter fee of $100 is required, which includes a charter suitable for framing and the first year of chapter dues.

To maintain active chapter status, chapters must pay annual chapter dues of $35 no later than January 2 of each year.  Chapters are required to complete the online renewal and annual report form. Twenty-five dollars of chapter dues support general national LPH activities and $10 goes toward a fund to support undergraduate student travel to present at NCA’s annual convention.  After two years of non-payment, chapters will be considered inactive and must re-charter to reactive.

Chapters will be reviewed periodically for compliance with LPH requirements, and non-compliance may result in charter revocation.

How to join your local chapter 

To be eligible for admission, undergraduate students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete 60 semester credit-hours (90 quarter credit-hours)
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all courses taken
  3. Complete the equivalent of 12 semester credit-hours (18 quarter credit-hours) in communication studies
  4. Have a minimum GPA of 3.25 for all communication studies courses
  5. Currently be enrolled as a student in good standing, as determined by the institution's policies
  6. Rank within the highest thirty-five percent of one’s class in general scholarship.[1]  

To be eligible for admission, master’s students must meet the following criteria:

1.   Complete 12 hours of graduate credit-hours (18 quarter hours) in communication

2.   Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for all courses taken

3.   Currently be enrolled as a student in good standing, as determined by the institution’s policies.

A method of election to membership shall be devised by each chapter, but must maintain strict adherence to eligibility for membership described above. Local chapters have the option of increasing the national requirements.  Rushing and/or social pressure shall not be used to ensure acceptance of invitation to membership or for initiation into membership.  If a student meets the eligibility requirements as outlined above he or she cannot be denied membership in Lambda Pi Eta.  Once a student is inducted, he or she is a member of Lambda Pi Eta for life.  Students who are members of Lambda Pi Eta and transfer to another school which has a Lambda Pi Eta chapter will automatically be members of that school's chapter.

The membership fee is $30.  Chapter advisors should process student membership orders online.

Local chapters of Lambda Pi Eta may, by majority vote, confer honorary member status upon communication faculty members or individuals who demonstrate exceptional commitment to the goals of the Society or make outstanding contributions to the academic goals of the chapter.  To be considered an official honorary member of Lambda Pi Eta, the member’s name, along with the membership fee, must be submitted to NCA. 

Selection for membership shall be made without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, physical disabilities, physical qualities, or age. 

Benefits of Membership 

Student members shall be eligible to:

  1. Vote at all chapter meetings of the Society
  2. Be elected to chapter offices
  3. Attend scholarly presentations and colloquia of the sponsoring academic department
  4. Represent the local chapter at state, regional, and national conventions
  5. Submit to the LPH research paper sessions at NCA’s annual convention (undergraduates only)
  6. Receive LPH electronic newsletter “Simply Speaking”
  7. Submit a paper for possible publication in LPH’s annual journal
  8. Utilize LPH’s online job service for honor students
  9. Participate in LPH social media efforts via Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter
  10. Participate in periodic teleconferences on topics ranging from career development to chapter management
  11. Compete for various LPH national awards.

Honorary members may not vote or hold office in the Society or the chapter or represent the chapter at the national meeting.

National Student Representatives 

  • The LPH student advisory board shall consist of 3 students (no more than one graduate student) elected by the honor society members at the annual business meeting of LPH held at NCA’s annual convention.  Nominations will be taken from the floor at the annual business meeting and students must be present to be elected.  Each chapter delegation represented at the meeting will be eligible to vote for three nominees.  The top three vote getters will constitute the advisory board, unless more than one of the top three vote getters is a graduate student.  In that case, the student advisory board will consist of the top graduate student vote getter and the top two undergraduate vote getters.
  • Advisory board members serve one year terms and may be re-elected and serve more than one term on the advisory board. 
  • In conjunction with the National Faculty Advisory Board and national office staff, the LPH student representatives shall plan the annual business meeting and awards ceremony. 
  • Vacancies shall be filled with an appointment by the NCA in consultation with the other student officers and the Faculty Advisory Board.

National Faculty Advisory Board 

  • The Faculty Advisory Board, consisting of five members, shall be elected by the chapter advisors of Lambda Pi Eta who are in attendance at the annual business meeting which is held in conjunction with NCA’s annual convention.  Nominations will be taken on the floor of the meeting.  Advisors must be present to be elected.
  • The election of the Faculty Advisory Board shall be by plurality vote, with the top vote-getting candidates, equal to the number of open positions, elected to the board.
  • Members will serve terms of two years, alternating two board members one year and three board members the next.
  • Vacancies will be filled with an appointment by the NCA in consultation with the rest of the Faculty Advisory Board members. 

National Meetings 

The annual business meeting of Lambda Pi Eta shall be held in conjunction with the annual convention of the National Communication Association.  All LPH members are welcome to attend the meeting.

Local Chapter Responsibilities 

Chapters must elect officers. Recommended offices include the traditional leadership structure of President, Vice-President, Scholarship Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary; however, each chapter may elect to install a differing leadership structure by majority decision of the chapter.  No more than one graduate student may serve as a local chapter officer at the same time.

Chapters must appoint a communication faculty member to serve as advisor.

Local chapters may determine their own policies and procedures that are consistent with those of the NCA.

Local officers are responsible for the following items, among others:

  1. Actively promote the purposes of LPH in the college or university community
  2. Organize chapter meetings
  3. Encourage academic excellence and stimulating intellectual inquiry among members through activities such as inviting guest speakers, informing members of opportunities for research and involvement in professional associations, and presenting awards for outstanding contributions
  4. Keep meeting minutes and a record of chapter activities

LPH Name and Logo 

Chapters may use the LPH logo to support local chapter activities.  Please contact NCA's Academic and Professional Affairs Associate for details.


[1] The cumulative scholastic record of the student as interpreted by the institution where membership is to be conferred shall be the basis for computing scholastic eligibility for the purpose of rank. If no institution wide rank is available, the ranking should be based on how the student stands in his or her department.