Free Speech Week

 CELEBRATE FREE SPEECH WEEK    JPG-Public-Engagement-Free_Speech_Week 

 October 21-27, 2013 

NCA believes that freedom of speech holds a central position among Americans’ constitutional principles, and NCA is determined to support the right of peaceful expression by any communicative means available. NCA's Credo for Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society states that as members of the communication discipline, it is our responsibility to share our knowledge, in our classrooms and throughout our communities, about the importance and skills of effective and free communication. We need to cultivate in our students the importance of being well-informed, articulate citizens. As such, we call on our members to celebrate Free Speech Week.

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Community/School Outreach
NCA is organizing members to go to local schools and educate students about free speech issues during Free Speech Week. This is an opportunity for you to showcase the importance and relevance of communication to students in grades K-12 as part of a coordinated nationwide effort. We have provided you with some guidance below to make participation as easy as possible.  

1. Schedule time to speak with a class in your community sometime between October 21 and 27. Start with your own child’s teacher or the teacher of a child you know. Or contact your local principal directly.

2. Prepare age-appropriate material (elementary, middle, or high school) with NCA’s assistance. We have compiled a list of topics, key U.S. court cases, and discussion questions to help you get started. 

3. Prepare a lesson plan that includes an activity, such as moderating a debate, or a discussion about the importance and roots of free speech.

4. Visit the class, engage young minds, and help create well-informed, articulate citizens.

5. Let us know about your activity so we may share your story with other members of NCA. Please send us a note at and tell us what school you visited, the activity you organized, and the student response. 


NBC Learn On Demand
Look for clips of individuals exercising their right to free speech as covered in the news via NBC Learn Archives on Demand.

Webinar on prayer and free speech
It is anticipated that this fall, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case of Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Susan Galloway et al. Join us for our annual Free Speech Week webinar, Thursday, October 24, at 1:00 PM EST. Register now at The webinar will feature religious communication and free speech experts Katie Langford of Texas Tech University and Brian Kaylor of James Madison University, who will discuss the constitutionality of offering prayer at the beginning of government meetings, and what this case means for the future of free speech. 

First Amendment Studies
Formerly Free Speech Yearbook, First Amendment Studies is a peer-reviewed NCA journal published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis. To celebrate Free Speech week this year, we are pleased to offer free access to a selection of articles from First Amendment Studies. 

NCA’s Policy Stance
Read NCA’s policy platform on free speech-related issues:
Credo for a Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society
Policy Opposing Campus Speech Codes
NCA Credo for Ethical Communication