Committee on International Discussion and Debate

CIDD is seeking hosts for the Fall 2014 British National Debating Team Tour of the United States.
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CIDDThe Committee on International Discussion and Debate promotes international understanding and the practice of communication through discussion and debates between students from the United States and other nations. To learn about the latest CIDD sponsored debate tour in Japan, click here.

Specific objectives of this program are to:

  1. Broaden the scope of international educational and cultural exchanges by providing a channel for the exchange of ideas and attitudes among students and young people in America and throughout the world;
  2. Make possible informal meetings among students, college and university personnel, and the general citizenry of participating countries;
  3. Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas about the educational systems of the countries involved;
  4. Reinforce the importance of dialogue as a preferred means for resolving international and intercultural differences; 
  5. Maintain and enhance the ties between the National Communication Association and forensics organizations, forensics programs, and their sponsoring academic departments throughout the United States; and
  6. Provide opportunities to enhance an understanding and appreciation of the discipline of communication both in other nations and in the United States.

CIDD Leadership
Carly Woods, Anne Marie Todd, Wayne Kraemer, and Ted Sheckels  

CIDD Tour Coordinator
Contact Sarah Jane Snider for information about hosting a tour or participating in CIDD activities.

Past CIDD Tours:

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