NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

The NCA Doctoral Honors Seminars (DHS) bring together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from across the discipline and around the nation to discuss current topics in Communication. The seminars are held annually at a selected host institution. Approximately 30 doctoral students are chosen to participate based on submitted papers and recommendations from their advisors. 

2017 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar--Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. July 27-30, 2017 

"Communication in a Post-Truth Age"

Application/Nomination materials will be due April 1, 2017.  

Submit the following:  

  •  An application form--download the form here (.doc) (.pdf
  •  A sample chapter or prospectus that speaks to your dissertation work 
  •  A letter of nomination from your advisor (or someone from your doctoral committee)   

Applications and supporting materials should be submitted to Trevor Parry-Giles, NCA National Office, at  

Learn how your institution can become a DHS host. (pdf)

     Doctoral Honors Seminar

2016 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar  

The 2016 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar was hosted by the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University in Athens, OH, July 21-24, 2016. The faculty leaders for the 2016 DHS were: In Rhetoric--Robert Asen (Wisconsin); Davis Houck (Florida State); and Jennifer Mercieca (Texas A&M). In Mass Communication--James Anderson (Utah); Jennifer Aubrey (Arizona); and Ron Jackson (Cincinnati). In Social Science--Norah Dunbar (UCSB); Jody Koenig Kellas (Nebraska); and Craig Scott (Rutgers). Students selected for the Doctoral Honors Seminar receive full accommodations and some travel support for the seminar.   

The selection process for the 2016 DHS was highly competitive; the following students were selected. They represent 26 doctoral programs in Communication and related disciplines from across the nation and around the world.  

Mass Communication    

  • Cassandra Alexopoulos (UC-Davis) 
  • Travis Bell (South Florida) 
  • Laurena Bernabo (Iowa) 
  • Lillian Boxman-Shabtai (Northwestern) 
  • Amelia Couture (Michigan) 
  • Julianna Kirschner (Claremont Graduate School) 
  • Minjie Li (Louisiana State) 
  • Juan Liu (Wayne State)
  • Laura Marshall (North Carolina)
  • Enakshi Roy (Ohio)
  • Sean Upshaw (Howard)
  • Alisa Valentin (Howard)
Social Science        
  • Aubrie Adams (UC-Santa Barbara) 
  • Jordan Allen (Nebraska) 
  • Kristen Barta (Washington) 
  • Tasha Davis (Texas) 
  • Elizabeth Glowacki (Texas) 
  • Lei Vincent Huang (Hong Kong Baptist) 
  • Skye Chernichky-Karcher (Purdue) 
  • Jasmine Linabary (Purdue) 
  • Elizabeth Parks (Washington) 
  • Emily Scheinfeld (Texas) 
  • Ningxin Wang (Illinois) 
  • Jaclyn Bruner (Maryland) 
  • Justin Gus Foote (Ohio) 
  • Sean Gleason (Ohio) 
  • Evan Layne Johnson (Georgia State) 
  • Elizabeth Kaszynski (Indiana) 
  • Tiffany Kinney (Utah) 
  • J. David Maxson (Penn State) 
  • Paul McKean (Illinois) 
  • Kevin Musgrave (Wisconsin) 
  • Garrett Stack (Carnegie Mellon) 
  • Meridith Styer (Maryland) 
  • Ian Summers (Utah) 
  • Svilen Veselinov Trifonov (Minnesota)     

Past NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar Host Institutions 

1970 (Fall)—Michigan State University
1971 (Spring)—University of Iowa; University of Texas
1971 (Fall)—The Pennsylvania State University; Florida State University
1972 (Spring)—University of Denver; University of Wisconsin
1973—Northwestern University; Purdue University
1974—University of Massachusetts
1975—Michigan State University
1976—University of Massachusetts
1978—University of Michigan
1979—The Pennsylvania State University
1981—Bowling Green State University
1982 (Spring)—Ohio University
1982 (Fall)—Louisiana State University
1983—Kent State University
1984—Ohio University
1987—University of Georgia
1988—University of Massachusetts
1989—University of Georgia
1992—Indiana University
1998—Northwestern University
1999—University of Illinois 
2000—Northwestern University
2001—University of Texas
2002—No DHS 
2003—Bowling Green State University
2004—University of New Mexico 
2005—University of Oklahoma 
2006—Purdue University
2007—University of Colorado
2008—University of Alabama 
2009—West Virginia University
2010—University of Utah 
2011—North Dakota State University 
2012—University of Southern California
2013—University of Maine
2014—University of Maryland 
2015—University of Missouri  


Contact Trevor Parry-Giles with questions about the NCA DHS.