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NCA strives to educate and improve understanding of communication research, as well as its practical and theoretical uses and implications.

The Discipline of Communication  
Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. We communicate to inform, persuade, connect, and entertain. Learn more.

Communication Currents 
Communication Currents is NCA’s online web magazine that translates recently published journal articles into a form that is understandable and usable for broad audiences, including policy makers and the general public. Visit Communication Currents at

Careers in Communication 
A communication degree is versatile as you learn the skills and theories that help you create and express messages to generate meaning within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Here some just some examples of careers a person with a communication degree can pursue: 

advertising director • broadcasting station manager • campaign director • college recruiter • comedy writer • community affairs liaison • copy writer • corporate communication director • development officer • diplomat • director of broadcasting • editor • elected official • debate coach • foreign correspondent • foreign relations officer • health educator • health communication analyst • human resources manager • human rights officer • labor relations representative • lobbyist • market researcher • marketing specialist • media analyst • media buyer • media planner • mediator • membership recruiter • negotiator • news director • news reporter • news writer • philanthropic representative • press secretary • public administrator • public information officer • public opinion researcher • public relations manager • publisher • publicity manager • talk show host • sales representative • speech writer • TV/film producer

Learn more about careers in communication from NCA’s publication, Pathways to Careers in Communication in the 21st Century

Special Events  
NCA organizes events throughout the year to showcase the communication discipline’s relevance. To learn about the upcoming events, see NCA’s Event calendar.

Published four times a year (March, May, September, and November), Spectra magazine features articles on topics that are relevant to communication scholars, teachers, and practitioners. Feature stories include topics on career development, external representation of the discipline, funding, higher education/disciplinary trends, pedagogy, public policy, and publishing. All NCA members receive a subscription. Spectra is also available via individual subscription.