NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

DHSNCA Doctoral Honors Seminars (DHS) bring together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from across the discipline and around the nation to discuss current topics in communication. The seminars are held annually at a selected host institution. Approximately 30 doctoral students are chosen to participate based on submitted papers and recommendations from their advisors. 

Call for Applications/Nominations
2014 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

The 2014 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar will be held July 17-20, 2014, in College Park, Maryland. The Department of Communication at the University of Maryland is the host for the 2014 DHS. The theme for the 2014 DHS is "Research in Action, Research that Matters." In selecting this theme, the host department was mindful of the imperatives in contemporary graduate education that encourage doctoral student contemplation of the social engagement potentialities of their research. Communication is a discipline committed to social and civic engagement by its very nature and the 2014 DHS theme brings that commitment forward as a focus for the seminar meetings. Around that theme, students will be placed into one of three groups reflective of the conventional divisions of Communication and in use in prior DHSs--Rhetoric, Mass Communication, and Communication as a Social Science.

Faculty Seminar Leaders for the 2014 DHS include:

  • Communication & Social Science: Hyunyi Cho (Purdue University), Debbie Dougherty (University of Missouri), and Matthew McGlone (University of Texas)
  • Mass Communication: Nick Bowman (West Virginia University), Maria Elizabeth Grabe (Indiana University), and Xiaoli Nan (University of Maryland)
  • Rhetoric: Kelly Happe (University of Georgia), J. Michael Hogan (Penn State University), and Isaac West (University of Iowa)

Contact Trevor Parry-Giles with questions about participating in DHS.

Learn how your institution can become a DHS host. (pdf)

In 2013, the NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar was hosted by the University of Maine's Department of Communication & Journalism from July 18-21, 2013, at the Schoodic Education & Research Center in Acadia National Park on the Atlantic coast. "Research Collaboration on Disciplinary Frontiers: Spanning Methodological Boundaries--Communication & the Environment, Rhetoric & Materiality, and Digital Media Convergence" was the theme. To read more about the 2013 DHS, click here. Faculty leaders for the 2013 DHS included Robert Brookey (Northern Illinois University), Stephen DePoe (University of Cincinnati), Greg Dickinson (Colorado State University), David Gunkel (Northern Illinois University), Laura Lindenfield (University of Maine), Tema Milstein (University of New Mexico), Brian Ott (University of Colorado-Denver), and Nathan Stormer (University of Maine). The doctoral students selected to attend the 2013 Doctoral Honors Seminar were chosen from a highly competitive pool of applications/nominations and represent nineteen doctoral programs from around the country. They are:

Cynthia Bateman, University of South Carolina
Bryan Behrenshausen, University of North Carolina
Sarah Bell, University of Utah
Maria Blevins, University of Utah
Tovar Cerulli, University of Massachusetts
Roberta Cheverette, Arizona State University
Katherine Cooper, University of Illinois
Brian Cozen, University of Utah
David DeIuliis, Duquesne University
Mary Domenico, University of North Carolina
Emily Winderman Hallsby, University of Georgia
Brook Irving, University of Iowa
Eunice Kim, University of Texas
Bridie McGreavy, University of Maine
Lindsey Meeks, University of Washington
Ben Morton, University of Iowa
Renu Pariyadath, University of Iowa
Marie-Louise Paulesc, Arizona State University
Renee Powers, University of Illinois-Chicago
Aaron Philips, University of Utah
Pamela Pietrucci, University of Washington
Jessica Rich, University of North Carolina
Jessica Rudy, Indiana University
Elizabeth Schwarz, University of California-Riverside
Yvonne Slosarski, University of Maryland
Scott Tulloch, Georgia State University
Yuanxin Wang, Temple University
Justine Wells, University of South Carolina
Julie Wight, University of Minnesota


DHS 2013
Please visit the 2013 DHS site here for more information.


Past NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar Host Institutions
1970 (Fall)—Michigan State University
1971 (Spring)—University of Iowa; University of Texas
1971 (Fall)—The Pennsylvania State University; Florida State University
1972 (Spring)—University of Denver; University of Wisconsin
1973—Northwestern University; Purdue University
1974—University of Massachusetts
1975—Michigan State University
1976—University of Massachusetts
1978—University of Michigan
1979—The Pennsylvania State University
1981—Bowling Green State University
1982 (Spring)—Ohio University
1982 (Fall)—Louisiana State University
1983—Kent State University
1984—Ohio University
1987—University of Georgia
1988—University of Massachusetts
1989—University of Georgia
1992—Indiana University
1998—Northwestern University
1999—University of Illinois 
2000—Northwestern University
2001—University of Texas
2002—No DHS 
2003—Bowling Green State University
2004—University of New Mexico 
2005—University of Oklahoma 
2006—Purdue University
2007—University of Colorado
2008—University of Alabama 
2009—West Virginia University
2010—University of Utah 
2011—North Dakota State University 
2012—University of Southern California
2013—University of Maine