NCA 102nd Annual Convention

Please visit NCA Convention Central to search/browse the program online or download the new convention program app.

Only 30 days left toregister online.

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the planners who have helped to organize our upcoming convention. The work they have done requires intense intellectual energy, organizational precision, and interpersonal skill—when our convention works, it works because of the efforts of our planners. This year, our convention has been planned by 135 colleagues, who led our communal efforts to review over 4,800 submissions, which are now being organized into over 1,200 conventions sessions. Part of the joy of serving as an officer of the NCA is getting the opportunity to watch how the planners, colleagues all around the world, and our stellar national office all pull together to make our convention possible—it is truly a communal, participatory, transparent, and exciting process to be a part of.

Please remember that NCA is proud to host our first-ever Social Justice Exchange (SJE), a three-hour event wherein scholars and activists come together to share best practices. We hope to advance the common good by enabling scholars and teachers to hear from grassroots practitioners and community leaders; at the same time, we hope our invited guests' civic engagements will benefit from our scholarship. The ever-growing list of SJE community is posted online here.


2016 HartnettStephen John Hartnett
NCA First Vice President
University of Colorado Denver