NCA 100th Annual Convention

Submissions are now closed for the NCA 100th Annual Convention. You can review and track your submission on NCA Submission Central. 

It’s that time of the year again when everyone has rushed to get papers revised, to project future papers in abstract form, to write scripts for performances, and to consider issues that press us for answers and about which a wonderful panel discussion could ensue. Thank you so very much for, again this year, putting so much time, thought, and effort into your submissions for the NCA 100th Annual Convention. It means a little something extra this year. I know that some of you have been thinking about the history of our field or some part of it, as we look to this, our centennial meeting. Only a very small number of us lend our scholarly efforts primarily or even occasionally to studying the field’s contemporary iteration(s), but I know that a great many more have decided to spend some time this year doing exactly that, in line with this year’s theme: “The Presence of Our Past(s): NCA at 100.” Even before the submission deadline, I had already heard so many great ideas from so many of you that it added to my own enthusiasm (already high) for the upcoming centennial convention. I can hardly yet imagine what’s in store with both our usual array of excellent scholarship and some serious reflection on the field’s last 100 years, as we set the stage for NCA’s second century. Thank you again for your hard work and your commitment to share your work with your colleagues at the NCA Centennial Convention!   

2014 Convention: Carole BlairCarole Blair
NCA First Vice President
Primary Program Planner
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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  • Deadline for 2014 Submissions is March 26, 2014The deadline for submissions for the NCA 100th Annual Convention is March 26, 2014 at 11 59pm Pacific. Please visit NCA Submission Central to view calls for submissions and to submit your proposal.
  • Submissions are Open for 2014NCA Submission Central is now open for submissions for the NCA 100th Annual Convention. Visit NCA Submission Central to view all calls for submissions and to begin your submission.