NCA Career Center

The challenges of pursuing and securing an academic position in Communication can be overwhelming. Believing that the best way to meet those challenges is with information and advice, NCA's Career Center provides a range of data and materials about the contemporary academic job market and advice and resources for those engaged in the job search process. 

Relevant, timely, and useful information about doctoral programs in Communication. This information is offered for use by prospective and existing doctoral students, as well as other interested parties.

Information about the amount of Ph.D.s produced in the communication arts & sciences; the nature of job positions and job advertisements; the growth and expansion of non-tenure track teaching positions; and the range of academic salaries.

Advice for the job candidate on finding the right position; the academic job application process (cover letters, CVs, interviewing, etc.); the job offer itself; and the process of transitioning from graduate school to a faculty teaching position.

  • The Academic Career Odyssey

Resources and advice on changing academic positions mid-career; dual-career couple challenges in academia; the tenure and promotion process and mentoring; navigating the "big three" of academic life: research, teaching, and service; pursuing a non tenure-track and/or a non-academic career path; Profiles of Practice of individuals pursing a wide-ranging set of career options with Ph.D.s in communication.

NCA offers several publications designed to guide students in their career paths, as well as help them succeed in their academic pursuits.